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HIV/AIDS: The Fight Against Stigma

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of studies conducted on women, and the topic of women and health has received a great deal of attention. Researchers from various fields, including medicine, psychology, sociology, and history, have collaborated on a large number of research projects

When it comes to topics that have been extensively researched during pregnancy, HIV/AIDS is one of the most notable. As a result of the fact that AIDS is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous infections that can occur during pregnancy and has repercussions in both the medical and ethical spheres, women find themselves caught between competing social pressures.

It is indisputable that a woman’s mental health is the primary requirement for a healthy gestation, as well as the primary driver of a woman’s overall health and wellbeing. The unfortunate reality is that women living with HIV/AIDS are frequently stigmatized, a stigma that has persisted to the present day. This process leaves them with feelings of shame and guilt, which are not conducive to maintaining a positive self-image and a positive mental state of mind. The right to bear children is a privilege that women hold and protect. The stigma and discrimination associated with HIV, leave HIV-positive pregnant women frequently struggling with feelings of hopelessness and even suicidal ideation. The existence of stigma and discrimination will invariably result in significant adverse effects, both physiologically and psychologically, as well as economically.

HACEY is committed to empowering women and ensuring that they maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle. Through our projects, we have been able to educate communities, particularly women, on the best ways to avoid contracting HIV/AIDS and the most effective ways to cope with the disease if you already have it.

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Michael Adegboye

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