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Amina’s Journey: Empowering Dreams through Contraception and Education

Once upon a time in a small village nestled deep within the lush countryside, there lived a young woman named Amina. Amina was known throughout the village for her vibrant spirit, kind heart, and her innate ability to bring joy to everyone she encountered. She spent her days tending to the fields, caring for the livestock, and assisting the village elders. Her laughter was as infectious as her smile, and the villagers adored her.

Amina had big dreams for herself and her future. She yearned to explore the world beyond the village and receive an education. Her heart was set on becoming a nurse, to help heal the sick and bring comfort to those in pain. However, she knew that her dreams would have to wait, for she had a family to care for.

Amina was married to Ali, a hardworking man who shared her dreams and supported her ambitions. They had two beautiful children, a son named Hassan and a daughter named Layla. Amina loved her family dearly but knew that bringing more children into their small home would make it even harder for her to pursue her dreams.

One day, as she sat beneath the shade of a giant baobab tree, Amina heard whispers of a new arrival in the village – a health worker named Fatima. Fatima had been trained in modern healthcare practices and contraception methods. She had come to the village to educate the women about family planning and contraception.

Intrigued, Amina decided to attend one of Fatima’s information sessions. There, she learned about the various methods of contraception available, their benefits, and how they could help her take control of her reproductive health. Fatima also explained how contraception could empower Amina to have the family she desired while still pursuing her dreams.

With this newfound knowledge, Amina approached Ali and shared her hopes and dreams. She explained that by using contraception, they could plan the size of their family and ensure that Amina could pursue her education without the added responsibility of more children.

Ali, who loved and respected Amina, listened attentively. He understood the wisdom in her words and agreed to support her decision. Together, they visited Fatima to discuss their options. After careful consideration, they chose a suitable contraceptive method that aligned with their goals.

As the months passed, Amina continued to care for her family and work in the fields, but she also started attending evening classes, taking steps toward her dream of becoming a nurse. She was able to allocate more time and resources to her education, thanks to the contraception they had chosen.

Years went by, and Amina’s dreams became a reality. She became a dedicated nurse, tending to the sick and bringing comfort to those in need. She also shared her knowledge of contraception with other women in the village, helping them take control of their own lives and pursue their aspirations.

Amina’s story spread far and wide, becoming an inspiring tale of empowerment and determination. She proved that with access to contraception, women could shape their destinies, fulfill their dreams, and make the world a better place.

Like Amina there are many women who face the challenges she faced before being exposed to contraception methods by the nurse. In a world where access to quality sexual and reproductive healthcare is often a challenge, TOMBEY, an innovative adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health (SRH) project, is breaking barriers and creating a brighter future for women and young people in Nigeria. Designed to provide safe, non-discriminatory access to quality, affordable, and appropriate SRH information and services, TOMBEY is a beacon of hope and change for women like Amina.

TOMBEY’s holistic approach to SRH access is built on four pillars: a website, a mobile application, mobile chat, and Short Message Service (SMS). Together, these platforms serve as a lifeline for adolescents and youths, ensuring they receive the information and support they need to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.

Education is empowerment, and TOMBEY recognizes this fundamental truth. Through its website and mobile application, TOMBEY offers comprehensive sexuality education that equips young people with the knowledge they need to navigate the complexities of SRH. From understanding their bodies to making responsible choices, TOMBEY ensures that no question goes unanswered and no topic is left unexplored.

TOMBEY goes beyond education; it facilitates access to essential SRH services, including life-saving contraceptives. By using the platform, young people can locate adolescent-friendly centers in their vicinity, ensuring that quality care is never out of reach. This ease of access transforms the lives of countless women and young people, granting them control over their reproductive health and future.

In the digital age, interactivity is key. TOMBEY understands that young people need more than just information; they need a supportive community. TOMBEY’s interactive chat platforms provide a safe space for adolescents to ask questions, seek guidance, and share experiences. These platforms foster a sense of belonging and ensure that no one feels alone on their SRH journey.

To access the wealth of information and services TOMBEY offers, all it takes is a visit to This web portal serves as a gateway to a world of empowerment, where young people can take charge of their SRH and make choices that will positively impact their lives.

TOMBEY’s mission is clear—to empower women and young people with the knowledge, skills, and access they need to make informed choices and lead productive lives. By bridging the gap in SRH education and services, TOMBEY is lighting the path forward, not just for today’s generation but for generations to come.

In a world where too many are denied the information and services they deserve, TOMBEY is a shining example of what is possible when technology, education, and empowerment come together. It’s a reminder that, no matter the challenges, access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive healthcare is not a privilege but a fundamental human right. Through TOMBEY, this right is being realized, and women and young people are finding the support they need to thrive.

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